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Daffodil - A Transmedia universe


Infographics by Cedric Muller

Immerse yourself in a narrative and interactive experience developed across several media that takes place in the eclectic city of Daffodil where mystery , romance and adventure cross paths.

In this visual novel, you follow Ama in the city of Daffodil who suffers from amnesia. Ama choices will impact the story and will maybe lead them to finding love.

At the same time as you explore the visual novel, you can also discover the webtoon who will tale you the Anko café. You will meet there new friends and follow the peripeties of the cafes employees.

For those that still didn't get enough of Daffodil can go on the official website and our socials to look for exclusive information about the universe and characters.

Art and story by Liseta Carcani

Animations and music by Millaray Ruiz

Graphic design and coding by Cedric Muller


Define yourself, meet people, explore Daffodil

This how we define the Daffodil project. We want to reach as many people thanks to the core experience of Daffodil.

Define yourself answers the identity quest Amaranth  goes through on in the visual novel alongside his two friends of the Anko café in the webtoon.

Meet people references the romantic aspect of the game but also the sense of community that Daffodil brings to its fans through the website and social medias.


Explore invites the readers and gamers to engage further in our universe through its interactive features and the story we propose in the webtoon and visual novel.

Animation by Millaray Ruiz

Art by Carcani Liseta

The Daffodil project focuses as a whole on the city of Daffodil , its story , its inhabitants and the dynamics that connects them. 

Daffodil is a fantasy city filled with mysteries and a pinch of magic created by a god named Narciss. The Daffodil flower is another name for the Narcisse flower. This flower symbolizes rebirth and renewal in the west and prosperity in Asia. It is one of the first flowers to bloom during spring and it is with this allegory in mind that the city was built.

After several conflicts between the different clans of this world Narcisse decided to put an end to all fights. By is will alone the city of Daffodil was created. It thus symbolizes the union and eternal peace between its people, in particular between the leader of each clan. The latter have become the representatives of each district. They each live in their respective district and occupy different functions to run the city.

As you may have noticed all animations in the game , social medias and webiste are henced thanks to the use of live2D and our animator Millaray Ruiz. It further brings the sense of immersion to another level and can be used as reward for the player.

city night.png

Art by Carcani Liseta


The Visual Novel : Daffodil

In the visual novel we follow Ama, its protagonist. The adventure begins when Ama finds themselves in Daffodil which they don't know anything about. Their minds appears to be foggy at first, filled with blurry and noisy images. That's when they bump into Qiang who offers them his help and brings them to a cafe whom he is the owner. At the same time, Ama meets Pan who works at the cafe. Ama is welcomed by the young mens that give him a home to stay and will help guide them in this world.

From that point on, Ama starts their exploration of the different districts and meeting its inhabitants. Each district is linked to a new storyline where Ama will construct their personality and their opinions on this world little by little. It is about the exploration of human nature, the contemplation of ones own mortality, others mortality, to grow as a person alongside them, to discover ourselves and wondering about oneself.

Ama's perspective will be greatly impacted by the narrative route they will take. The route will change depending on the character and potential romantic interest they'll grow closer to. Each route is heavily linked with each district representative thus giving Ama a new point of view of the conflicts that reign in Daffodil. Each route will thus have a great impact of Ama's experience of the city. 


Ama's full name is Amaranth , as a reference to the immortality flower. Ama's true identity is one of the core points leading mysteries that we'll keep to ourselves for now.



Regardless of the chosen route, Ama keeps their cheerful , at times mischievous but sincere and charming personality.  Their personality will be nevertheless shaping in someway by the progressing story. The exploration of their personality will also be explored through his affection towards the route love interest. The love interest become consequently the secondary protagonist of their respective route alongside Ama. Those feeling will obviously be mutual or not depending on the players choices. 

Since all the routes take place in Daffodil, some characters and conflicts are interconnected. It thus becomes primordial to play all routes to get the full picture of the city of Daffodil.

character sketches.png

Ama character design

webtoon page2.jpeg


Webtoon - Daffodil : The Anko Cafe

The webtoon starts lighter in tone and starts when Qiang Xiuying, owner of the Anko café meets Pandora or Pan as a candidate during a job interview.

Pan is student at the city Administration. He loves to put his nose in the city's business as should every civil servant of the Administration. He is quiet curious, extremely intelligent and loved by all in Daffodil. Nevertheless, it seems his reasons for joining the administration are more complicated than serving the city of Daffodil and their god Narcisse.

Qiang is just as charismatic in his own way. He keeps an impression of distance zhile being charming and elegant. Despite his apparencem he is in reality as soft as a souffle and his the first to fall for Pan. As soon as they meet, Qiang is subjugated by him. They will quickly become close friends.

Qiang is the owner of the café thanks to his family's lineage. He is the child of two of the previous district chiefs and his godfather is the actual chief of the merchants guild. His complicated past is something he avoid putting forward. He just wants to live a peaceful life alongside his cat, Peko.  

That is obviously without counting on Pan and his curiosity that will lead them to mix romance, intrigue and mystery through the different districts.


Website and Social Media

The website is an unavoidable step of any creative project these days. These we have come up with a website that is also an introduction to the world of Daffodil to the newcomers. It helps us showcase our trailers , character and different medias. The website serves as an encyclopedia on its own and brings exclusive information and easter eggs that the fans will be happy to chase for. It will also be filled zith minigames and quizzes that zill provide rewards in the users travel book. This will help link all our media since each on of them enables the user to unlock unique short stories and interactions between our characters.

Another important part of the website is its community space where users can interact, share their discoveries, memes, fanwork etc. The Daffodil team will also be present to animate the community with contests and exclusive events. In the same way, our social medias ( Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram) will hep us interact with our community and create special events that will be directly linked to the website.


Website and infographics by Cedric Muller

A big thank you to Millaray Ruiz and Cedric Muller for having helped give shape to this project.

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