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Hope is a platformer puzzle game based on the Greek myth of Pandora's box that mixes 2D and 3D. We follow the personification of hope. During their journey, they'll encounter lots of endearing characters but also the miseries that burden mankind.

Thanks to the light that resides in their hear, Hope can shoot a ball of the mentioned light that teleports them. It will help them solve puzzles and progress in this world in the hope to finally escape the box. 

2D art, character and environment design by Carcani Liseta

3D art by Elise Blees

Storytelling and music by Mathias Lafleur

Game design by Tom Grandjean Maglione

Level design by William Filipe

Art by Carcani Liseta


My role

Hope was developed within a small team of students as our final project. 

We will follow here my work during the development of the artistic vision of the project and the creation of the 2D assets.



To be able to prepare the 2D and provide a strong artistic direction I first went through I research phase. The project had already started when I joined, I thus had to base my approach on the already existing propositions. This also meant I had to ensure a sense of coherence between the world previously done and what was to come. This lead to a heavy research process to visual meaning to the already existing story bits and visuals.

Sketch hope.png

Art by Elise Blees

Art by Carcani Liseta



Figure 1

Since 2D games requires a great deal of planning, I provided my coworkers with planned levels that would help them give depth to the levels, visually and story wise. We can see here 3 examples. 

The areas in blue are what is supposed to be converted to 3D assets. This thus serves as a plan for our 3D artist but also as a reference for the game designer in charge of putting the level together.

We can find visual metaphors across the all levels. We have for example in Figure 1, leaves and plants shaped as Greek keys. Hope being the key that will help us get from a section to another of the Pandora box, they're also the key to progress in the levels. Hence Greek keys will a reccuring pattern in this project. 

Through the game, we'll also find evidence of the nature of this world. It being a box, it is filled with strange mechanism such as cogs that you often find in puzzle boxes.

The forest is also filled with the remains of what seems to be an ancient temple though it has been taking over by the forest, we can find different constructions such as mosaics that give us indications about the setting , lore and story. There is a heavy inspiration from Minoan civilization that resided on the island of Crete and which was particularly known for their mosaics and pottery. 

Figure 2

Again we can see how in figure 3, the mosaics are used to tell the player what has happened. Since, the game remains vague about the setting, we want to infer as much lore as we can thanks to the character surroundings.

We can also see how the world has been filled with mushrooms and how they spread like an illness. This level being the level themed around the calamity of the illness, we need to show it even though we don't tell it directly.

Figure 3



Aside from Hope, we encounter three characters during the prototype of the game : Lachesism, Atropos and Clotho. They are representations of the three Moirai from Greek mythology which are known to thread humans destiny. Each one of them has a story to tell in this game. While progressing and talking to them we'll uncover their backstory little by little.




Being in the level of illness, they all suffer from a different diseases. The goal was jut to make their link to the Moirai and their diseases evident.

Lachesis suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

Atropos suffers from the pneumonic plague.

Clotho suffers from measle.

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